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About AlcoTec

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The Leader in Aluminum Wire Technology

AlcoTec is the technological leader and the world's largest producer of aluminum welding wire. We are the foremost experts in the production of aluminum welding wire and consistently bring innovations to the application engineering side of the business. Our service is unparalleled and we provide the only single source for all of the aluminum alloys currently registered for welding applications and the only source for development and introduction of new welding alloys.

State-of-the-art drawing and spooling machinery has been combined with newly developed equipment and processes unique to AlcoTec, providing the best dimensional, mechanical, and metallurgical control in the industry. Metal is rigorously cleaned of all manufacturing lubricants to prevent flaws in the welding process.

AlcoTec's packaging is intended not only to provide an eye-pleasing product to its customers, but also to ensure that the superior quality of the material is retained from the time the package leaves the production facility until the product is retrieved from the customer's shelf to be put to use.

AlcoTec is able to provide complete traceability of its finished product. Each lot of electrode is certified to meet American Welding Society Specifications.

Overhead welds are tested in AlcoTec's Quality Control Laboratory for tensile strength and ductility, and are x-rayed to ensure freedom from interior flaws.

The leading Metallurgical Engineers in the aluminum industry are available at AlcoTec to consult with customers in all areas of welding and proper metal selection. In addition, strategically located field representatives have been technically trained to solve production problems and to personally serve each customer.

In order to further fulfill AlcoTec's commitment to customer service, Spooled and straight length rod products are presently available in over twenty aluminum alloys and in a variety of diameters and packages. This extensive product line of "standard items" is maintained in inventory at AlcoTec.

The Most Trusted Name in Aluminum Welding