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Aluminum Welding Question and Answer

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AlcoTec answers your questions on all things welding.

A short history of welding aluminum
Arc Length and Heat vs Weld Bead Characteristics
Are the 4xxx series alloys heat-treatable or non-heat-treatable alloys?
Atmosperic Conditions Affect Weld Quality
Bend Testing to AWS D1.2 Code
Can I Weld Aluminum to Steel?
Considerations when repairing aluminum structures
Cracking Problems with 6xxx series base alloys
Distortion in aluminum weldments
Drive Roll Design
Equipment for GMAW Welding of Aluminum
Feedability in GMAW Welding of Aluminum
Feedability of Aluminum Electrode
Feedability problem when switching from steel to aluminum
Filler Alloy Selection For Aluminum Welding
GTAW Welding Aluminum with Alternating Current-High Frequency
How and why alloying elements are added to aluminum
How can I put the stiffness back in my aluminum plate after welding?
How do I identify aluminum base alloy strengths?
How Do I Weld 2024 and 7075?
How does welding affect the HAZ of the weld?
How to Avoid Cracking in Aluminum Alloys
How to Choose the Most Suitable Filler Alloy for Welding 6061-T6
I have problems passing the tensile test requirements with 6061-T6
Is there a filler alloy that can be used to weld all aluminum base alloys?
Is there a welding code for structural welding of aluminum?
MIG Welding Aluminum
New Developments In Aluminum Shipbuilding
Porosity Problems in GMAW Welds
Porosity problems with 5086-5356 alloys
Problem passing guided bend test on 5083 base alloy
Problem passing guided bend test on 6061-T6 base alloy
Problems with a groove weld using 6061-T6 base material
Problems with porosity in groove welds
Should I use 4043 or 5356 filler alloy?
Smoke and Twist Testing of Aluminum Welding Wire
Storage and Preparation of Aluminum Base Alloys and Filler Alloys
Tensile Strength Too Low in Procedure Test for 6061-T6?
The Advancement of Aluminum within the Welding Fabrication Industry
The Differences Between Heat-Treatable and Non-Heat-Treatable Aluminum Alloys
The HAZ In Aluminum Welds
The most suitable filler alloy for 6061-T6 component operating at 250 deg F
The Repair of Aluminum Structures
Two Questions relating to the repair of aluminum structures
Understanding Equipment and the Need for Technical Training
Weld crackling problem using 6063-T6 sheet material
Weld crackling problems using 6061-T6 base material
Welding equipment and technical training for aluminum welding
What are the advantages of 4047 filler alloy?
What are unweldable aluminum alloys?
What filler alloy to use welding 6061-T6 base material
What is friction stir welding of aluminum?
What is the best filler alloy for 5083 base alloy?
What shielding gas should I use when arc welding aluminum?
What shielding gas should I use when welding aluminum?
Where can I find technical information about aluminum welding?
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