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Alloy Data Sheets

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Each aluminum alloy has unique welding properties. For example, different alloys have different abilities to carry heat across an arc by molten droplet transfer.  Therefore, each alloy requires unique welding practices.  AlcoTec has drawn on its years of welding aluminum experience to develop specific welding parameters for each alloy. This data is presented to assist you in developing the best practices and procedures for your specific applications.

Alloy Data Sheets

PDF Alloy 1100
PDF Alloy 1188
PDF Alloy 2319
PDF Alloy 4043
PDF Alloy 4047
PDF Alloy 4145
PDF Alloy 4643
PDF Alloy 5087
PDF Alloy 5183
PDF Alloy 5356
PDF Alloy 5554
PDF Alloy 5556
PDF Alloy 5654
PDF Alloy 5754
PDF Alloy 7075
PDF Casting Alloys

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