Wind Tower welding

ESAB has been involved in the wind tower industry, from the early days, and has responded to steadily increasing demands to the point at which today, a majority of wind towers in service, worldwide, has been manufactured using ESAB technology.

We partner with fabricators all over the world, producing wind towers, foundation piles and transition pieces - for land-based, offshore or arctic service.

Our services range from retrofitting existing production facilities to turnkey equipment for greenfield installations - with high-productivity solutions for each step in your fabrication process.

The fabrication of wind towers involves the construction of large tubular shapes from individual cans. The cans require internal and external longitudinal welding, while formation of the tower requires the forming, tacking and welding of internal and external circumferential joints.

Solid, repeatable welding results demand a high degree of automation. The complex welding process necessitates a complete system of specialized components, each optimized for its respective function.

ESAB offers solutions for every welding requirement in wind tower fabrication.


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