The Aristo® power sources provides substantially improved arc welding performance. It’s designed for high-productivity and high-quality welding applications. 

The Aristo power source is designed to work together with with ESAB's industry-leading WeldCloud™ online data management platform via Wi-Fi, mobile cellular or hard-wired Ethernet communication.

ESAB robotic wire feeders support MIG/MAG and TIG processes offered by ESAB including QSet™ (the short arc welding process with artificial intelligence) and Superpulse™ (the most versatile gauging process for heat input and penetration depth).

A full range of ESAB robotic torches is available in gas or water-cooled versions, for both hollow-wrist and non-hollow-wrist robots. ESAB power sources make the ideal partner in the production or pre-fabrication of high-alloyed materials, where exceptional welding performance is essential. Typical applications include robotic welding, advanced mild and stainless-steel fabrication, advanced aluminum fabrication, shipbuilding and yellow goods.

ABB, Kuka, Yaskawa, Fanuc

Automation & Robotics integration

  • Full range of processes from MIG and TIG to SAW
  • Easy to integrate interfaces
  • Reduced production downtime
  • Packaging solutions for continuous, high duty cycle welding
  • Weld logging improves quality and productivity

Standard packages are available in different configurations for ABB, Motoman, Fanuc and Kuka:

ESAB Robotic Configurator

The upcoming Robotic Configurator allows the user to configure their system in three ways:

  • A full process package with torch
  • A full process package without torch
  • Configure just the torch only

The system is intended to walk you through your choice from the robot to the contact tip & produces a bill of materials detailing the part numbers & pricing therefore ensuring that you do not miss any parts.