Introducing the Lean,
Mean Cutmaster 40.

Every fabricator deserves the best equipment. That’s why we’ve worked relentlessly to develop a machine that pushes the limits of portable plasma cutting. Cutmaster 40 is here – with more portability and power than you ever thought possible.

See how Cutmaster 40 compares.

Maximum portability.

We gave Cutmaster 40 an all-new ergonomic design for the best portability in its class – without sacrificing performance. It’s only 22 pounds, with multiple handles and carrying points that help it feel even lighter.

Maximum portability

Incredible performance.

Cutmaster 40 has unprecedented power for a machine of its size. The legendary 1Torch allows for a best-in-class half-inch pierce and cut capacity and an insane one-inch max sever. With an extraordinary 35% duty cycle at 40 A, thanks to all-new hybrid cooling technology, your hands will tap out before this machine does.

Incredible performance

greater flexibility.

With an incredible arc stretch, Cutmaster 40 can be used in odd cutting positions while maintaining cut quality. It comes with a complete range of consumables out of the box for cutting and gouging, and it runs on 200–240 V power with automatic amperage adjustment.

greater flexibility

Serious durability.

We put Cutmaster 40 in proven industrial-grade housing that’s been battle-tested to ensure it can take a beating and keep performing. With an IP23 all-weather rating, Cutmaster 40 is ready to work where you need it to – rain or shine, day in and day out. And Cutmaster 40 comes with new Black Series consumables that last up to 60% longer.

Serious durability

Industry-leading protection.

When you choose Cutmaster 40, you get the best warranty program in the industry. Our Iron Clad Pledge gives you four years of coverage and an unbeatable 100-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Industry-leading protection

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