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Duplex Stainless Steel Selector Guide

The downloadable selector guide is a reference tool for choosing the proper stainless duplex or super duplex alloy for a given application.

Duplex stainless steel alloys are fast becoming one of the most sought after types of stainless steel today. Design engineers and fabricators are choosing

duplex stainless steel products for their unique strength and toughness properties but most importantly for their excellent resistance to corrosion.

There is a diverse assortment of duplex stainless steel alloys, but the two most commonly requested grades are 2205 or UNS S31803 (22% Cr, 5% Ni, 3% Mo & 0.15% N) and 2507 or UNS S32750 (25% Cr, 7% Ni, 4% Mo & 0.25% N).

ESAB's duplex and super duplex stainless steel products have been used globally by fabricators for many years. Our many product features and benefits make ESAB duplex alloys the first choice among welders.

Download the selector GuideDownload the Selector Guide

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